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Perth videographer

Hola, I'm Hayley

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capturing the  fun, and authentic moments that make your day so special.

Kim + Rennie

"Oh my god Hayley!!!! I know everyone is bias in loving their own wedding videos but this is BEYOND. I will be shouting your name from the top of the hills to everyone. We watched this about 20 times last night and I was a blubbering mess each time. How you incorporated Maddie in the video I will be eternally grateful. The way the speeches are incorporated..... omg I don't even know how you do it! Extraordinary talent and passion. We also watched ALL the other videos that followed of your work for other couples and are completely blown away. Your attention to detail, calming presence on the day and final products is truly out of this world. "

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Hey there!


Let's kick things off with a little introduction—I'm Hayley and I'm all about chasing adventures and soaking up the vibes of different cultures. Travel? it's my jam. I've always had a passion for photography and videography, but it wasn't until my twenties, during a five-year journey abroad, that my love for these art forms truly ignited.

 I was lucky enough to spend 2.5 of those 5 years in San Sebastián- The Basque Country (Pais Vasco), a region rich in culture and tradition where photography and videography became a way for me to document the stories of the people and places in a way I couldn’t express with words. It was also in the Basque Country/Spain where I met my husband and formed a love for Spanish shoes, croquettes, paella and international tv series and films.


Fast-forward a few years and I am now a mumma to a beautiful, sassy, adventurous little girl who dances and stamps her feet to the beat of her own drum. And soon to be momma to another little girl. 


My style and approach 

I strive to create films that are fun and lighthearted, yet intertwined with all the emotional moments that will make you shed a tear or two. 

I believe a good film is all in the story. No two films of mine will ever feel the same. 

My aim, is to not simply capture your day but to bring your story to life. 

Art is something personal which touches us all differently. So take a look around, and if my work resonates with you, lets get chatting.

I believe every love story is a unique masterpiece waiting to be told, and as a wedding videographer and storyteller, I pride myself on capturing that individuality. What sets my work apart is its refusal to conform to a cookie-cutter mold.  While I may not consider myself a master of words, my strength lies in my ability to skillfully weave together the anecdotes shared by your nearest and dearest and to transform them into captivating storylines. You won't find any cheesy stuff in my films—I'm all about keeping it real. Expect plenty of genuine moments, tons of dance floor shenanigans, and an all-around good time vibe shining through in my films.

When it comes to  your wedding day, I like to keep things fresh and spontaneous. I show up with an open mind, ready to let your story unfold naturally. The majority of what you see in my films is candid. The only time I may step in, is to provide a little direction during you photoshoot if I feel a little more movement is needed.

What makes my heart sing...


my family 

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Story telling

perth wedding videographer- Hayley narvaez films
about me Hayley narvaez films
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